About Us

Who We Are


Southern California War Tax Resistance provides information and support for conscientious war tax resisters in the Los Angeles area in Southern California. In addition, we operate the People’s Life Fund — a local alternative fund for resisted war taxes — offer informational workshops, provide individual counseling, do public outreach and hold demonstrations.

We welcome you to contact us if you are considering some form of war tax refusal and could use some assistance, or just have a question. If you are already a Southern California resister, we hope you will join us for mutual support and collective action. If you are not in a position to resist taxes, but would like to support those who do, we can always use your help! We look forward to working together for peace and justice.

War Tax Alternative Fund


The Southern California War Tax Alternative Fund (SCWTAF) is made up of money not paid as taxes by people who have refused part or all of federal income and/or telephone excise taxes in opposition to payment for war and in an attempt to redirect spending towards peace and social needs.    

The Fund was founded in 1979.  The Fund has granted over $100,000 to local and international projects and organizations.

Our Message: Now More Than Ever


Openly denying the government taxes for war, despite threats and possible consequences